Tuesday, April 14, 2020

At-home learning #28

Finding laughter and joy
What brings you bliss? We hope you're finding ways to do your favorite things, even if some of them, like travel, are not possible right now.

But when the well runs dry, we may need new inspirations. Here's a happy story about a letter-writing project:

* Walk with a purpose. Give yourself themes for all those walks you take. Spot as many interesting doorways as you can. See how many different ways kids are amusing themselves outdoors. Spot every crocus, struggling tulip or daffodil, bit of greening grass. Count the potholes. (OK, we're reaching here, but whatever works!)

* If you haven't yet come across John Krasinski's "Some Good News" broadcasts, be sure to check them out. Search "some good news" on YouTube. In fact, the search results will give you lots of ways to find the cheery out there in the world.

* Write a letter to someone you haven't seen for decades. Yes, a real letter with an envelope and stamp.

* Do something you haven't done for a very long time but liked. A particular exercise routine? Music you haven't listened to in forever? Fudge-making? Coloring? There are dozens of possibilities. Have fun!