Tuesday, June 23, 2020

At-home learning just got lots better!

PVSC's free, innovative summer series is in place on our website, where you can register for any or all of the following. Click the images for information about each.

*Beginning July 8: The PVSC Variety Show, with speakers on fascinating topics, sort of like a mini-mini-course. One hour/week on Wednesdays at 4:00.

* July 10: A virtual tour of UMaine's Food Science Innovation Center, which finds new ways to use Maine food products. Learn about everything from cheese pressing to blast freezing.

* Beginning July 16: Short Stories for Our Time, a book-group-style discussion of short stories. One hour per week on Thursdays at 4:00.

Programs are free, but you must register to get a Zoom link. Details are on our website: http://www.penobscotvalleyseniorcollege.org. Click "Register," then "Courses."