Saturday, March 28, 2020

At-home learning #13

Have a party:
So you live alone, or with only one or two others? You can still have a great party. Have a theme: international, Hawaiian, costume, English tea, whatever your imagination conjures up. Make some special food. Set a special table. this works best if you can share with others via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or just sending photos back and forth. That way you'll be motivated.

Try an art lesson:
OK, you're not Rembrandt. Maybe you can't even draw a straight line. But what better time to fool around with art than now, no one, not even the instructor, can see you? The UMaine Museum of Art is offering free online lessons right now:

Throwback TV fun
Remember "What's My Line?" Every surviving episode (1950-70) is available on YouTube.

Selected other oldie TV is available at Ignore the ads saying "Watch Now" and just click on the one you want. The playback is built into the site.

Be an armchair archivist:
It seems research libraries are looking for volunteers to help them with a variety of chores that can be done at home. If you love books and obscure texts, this may be for you!

Still more ideas:
A lovely, almost-endless list of things to do, categorized by the mood you might be in (creative? cleaning? social?) is at