Monday, November 16, 2020

Buy local

Short editorial here: All arts and entertainment companies are struggling, of course. Local groups are smaller and have fewer resources than, say, a major New York theater. They need our help to survive the pandemic. Maine theaters have made it easy for us, by offering things we can love from our own living rooms. And please note: it takes smarts, imagination, and a ton of persistence and hard work to switch from what you know how to do well to a completely different means of production. It also takes money.

Penobscot Theatre Company has put together an impressive, innovative season, with a sizeable variety of audio and video releases. We can be proud of our very own local productions. There's a lot of fun to be had:

Down the road, Waterville Opera House is offering the perennial favorite "Almost, Maine" at the beginning of December.

And Portland Stage has the romantic play "Talley's Folly" available through November 22.,20201114153000