Sunday, November 1, 2020

What now?

It's November, and there's no getting around the big question: how will we get through the winter with body and soul intact?

We'll use this space to bring you as many resources for keeping fit, mentally and otherwise, as we can find. Stay tuned!

Our first recommendation:

Many, many sources of learning and amusement are streamed via the Internet--everything from drama and comedy--including the Penobscot Theatre, Portland Stage Company, and regional/international theaters--plus lots of  programming from Great Courses, the Smithsonian, and many more.

While you can certainly watch and listen on your PC or laptop, a streaming device hooked to your TV is a big asset. If you don't have one, consider getting one, probably for around $35. There are different kinds, depending on the age and capabilities of your TV. Get a savvy family member to help you buy and set one up. Then you can curl up in your favorite comfy chair with your popcorn and a beverage for your viewing. 

We'll be posting a lot of streaming offerings among our other suggestions. Enjoy!