Saturday, June 29, 2019

Supreme Court treat!

What was decided in this spring's Supreme Court session?

Sol Goldman teaches an extremely popular spring course on the Supreme Court, discussing key cases from each session as they happen.

As a summer treat, Sol has graciously agreed to offer a one-time follow-up to explain what decisions were made in those key cases, and why.

Y'all come! The event is open to anyone, so round up a friend or a carful and come to EMCC on July 9, 10:00-12:00. Follow the signs to Schoodic Hall and go to Mathieu Auditorium. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Classes for fall!

Hot off the presses: the tentative course line-up for fall! A few details remain, and there may be one or two added to the list, so stay tuned. But these fascinating topics are on tap:

Buddhism and Mindfulness
The Aging Brain Owner's Manual
DNA for Beginners
Water Color Painting for Beginners
Science Fiction: Ursula leGuin
The Merchant Marine Today and in the Future
Native Elders and Their StoriesMusic in the West
First French Settlements in Maine
Bridge for Beginners

Doesn't it all sound like fun? and intriguing? Just be sure you're enrolled for 2019-20; summer is the time to renew or join for the first time. For an application form, just click on the "Taking classes" tab above.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Upgrade your life!

Keeping that brain active is a good way to both enrich your life now and perhaps fend off mental decline later. And taking courses at PVSC is the perfect choice. See how much fun the folks to the left are having?!

Our wonderful Curriculum Committee is already putting a slate of very cool fall classes together, on topics from Buddhism to bridge. Stay tuned for details!

Meanwhile, if you're not a member, just click the "Taking classes" tab above for details and an application form. Send it in with your membership fee. Members get first crack at course choice, so do it now!

If you're already a member, be sure you've sent in your renewal. If you did, your 2019-20 membership card should have already arrived in your mailbox.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Summertime, and the learning is easy

Learning in the summer? Pshaw, you might say. Summer is for relaxation, getting to the coast, sipping lemonade on the deck at sunset. 

But learning happens anyway, maybe by accident, maybe by design. Summer, when the pace slows, is the perfect time to learn new stuff. 

Maybe you take a class. You start with our upcoming One-Day Event, and several offerings are available at nearby Senior Colleges. You don’t forget that seniors get free tuition at all Maine System campuses.

But it’s the more accidental learning that can be the most fun. Walking across unfamiliar land, wondering what rocks lie underfoot, can led us straight to the library to learn bout Maine geology. Wondering why that bird is behaving in such an odd way takes us to  friend who’s a birder, or to a film or book.  On a trip to the nursery for tomato plants, you see something new that leads to a whole exploration of orchids, or ivies, or hybridization. 

Best of all, perhaps, is having an explore of new territory: reading all the roadside signs, Googling the history of the place, asking questions of locals. 

Learning for fun and stimulation. Seniors are experts.  Attachment.png

Sunday, June 2, 2019

So much fun!

Summer is here, more or less. It's time to plant gardens, plan outdoor adventures, and drink lemonade. 

It's also time to renew or begin your membership in PVSC, so you can be sure to enjoy our terrific classes. Here are a few images from spring classes, to whet your appetite for fall.