Sunday, September 15, 2019

The A-word

Autumn. It's the word a lot of us in Maine don't want to hear. Yet for many, September is our favorite time: the tourists are gone, the (grand)kids are in school, and the weather is great.

So how do you spend your September? Taking a woodsy hike? Getting in a supply of wood and pumpkins? Stocking the freezer for winter while the farmer's markets are still going strong? Sitting in the sun with a good book? Hitting the coast while it's not so crowded?

However you enjoy your free time in September, don't forget the treats: the good times and food to be had at our members-only luncheon on September 18 (Black Bear Inn in Orono, 11:30. Be sure you've signed up); and, of course, the start of courses the week of the 23rd.

So maybe the A-word is OK. Good things come in autumn.