Thursday, October 24, 2019

What's next?

We've had our annual luncheon and fall courses are starting to wind down already. Six weeks seems really short when you're having fun! Already the Curriculum Committee is planning spring courses. The rest of us may be wondering what we'll do with ourselves when we have to say goodbye to our weekly learning-and-socializing.

Well, of course we can follow up on whatever line of thought/learning/reading we were pursuing in class. We can embrace fall, with its leaves and pumpkins and Thanksgiving dinner. And find ways to enjoy the cold and dark that follow.

Even better, we can find new learning opportunities in the area. Don't forget that, come January, seniors can take UMaine System courses tuition-free and can audit, so there's no cause to worry about grades.

If you're a member, you have free membership at nearby Senior Colleges; some have winter events and courses.

Local libraries, EAAA, and Gateway Seniors have all kinds of activities. AARP has frequent informative meetings.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Fall classes

We've been so busy with the last-minute summer jaunts and the start of fall classes that this blog has gone without posts for a while now. The good news: fall courses are off and running, and feedback says this is likely to be an excellent semester.

The variety is large. One class is enjoying a crash course in the highlights of Western music (as in European-American, not country-and-western), taught by retired UM professor of music Dennis Cox. Another group has just organized its road trip to Calas and the St. Croix historic site, the conclusion of Ray Pelletier's short course on that first European settlement in North America.

Other students are waxing creative as they learn watercolor techniques, or exploring the world of science fiction, or learning about DNA. And more. There's always something to learn with no pressure--just for fun and stimulation.

And there's a bonus: you can meet new people while you're investigating new ideas.

If you're not already a member, come on down! Join up and be ready for spring courses!