Sunday, March 28, 2021

One-Day Events

Seniors are curious. Ideally, we have the leisure and energy to pursue learning about new things. 

One way to do it in PVSC is through One-Day Events, one-time presentations by experts on a huge range of topics. We have a vibrant and diligent committee that just keeps finding people who are willing to share their expertise for a couple of hours, for free. It's pretty amazing, when you stop to think about it.

This coming May is the perfect example. There are two such presentations. One explores the influence of social media today, on May 11; one outlines the colonial history of Fort George in Castine on May 18. Both are at 4:00. The attached flyers provide details.

These unique events are members-only. Not a member? Luckily for you, it's easy to join. Just click on the link to our website in the box to the right. On the website, click "Register now."

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Zooming along

Picture this: you're trying to log into Zoom for your class, and it keeps telling you something about your calendar. You text your instructor. Five minutes later, like magic, you have a new link and you're logged in and happily chatting with your classmates. 

Behind the scenes is PVSC's unflappable Zoom guru, Administrative Assistant Sheila Krautkremer. In this case, she was in her car by the side of the road somewhere, first fielding a panicky phone call from the instructor, then somehow managing to call up the class list and correct link on her phone so she could send a quick email to the 20 people in the class.

As they say, Zoom is great except when it isn't. It takes a Sheila to train the instructors, offer tutorials to students, and, perhaps most importantly and most difficult, solve the problems on the fly. And there are problems. An instructor's video has no sound; a student's audio is blaring; someone can't log on; lots of someones can't find a particular Zoom controls on their device. More than once, Sheila has been on two phones and her computer, fielding student questions. 

We'd rather be holding classes in person. But until we can, Zoom keeps us learning. And Sheila keeps us Zooming. So thankful to have her with us!

Saturday, February 27, 2021

On deck: spring courses!

They're coming, they're coming! The spring course lineup is in place and registration for members begins March 1 on our website, If you're not a member, you can join on the website, too.

What's in store? Plenty:

  • The Current Supreme Court
  • Experimenting with Watercolors
  • Restoration Ecology in Maine
  • The Relevance of Old Stories
  • Sexuality in the Greco-Roman World
  • Introduction to Folklore: Genres
Sound like fun? It will be. Complete descriptions are on the website. All classes are on Zoom; help getting started in that program is readily available.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Finally! It's been a long winter, with more to come, but it's time to think about spring learning. Classes begin the week of March 22. Registration will open at the beginning of March. Courses are being finalized as we speak, but you can look for topics including: 

  • watercolor painting
  • the Supreme Court
  • folklore/folkways
  • endangered species
  • sexuality in Greek-Roman times. 
What a variety! And while you're waiting, don't miss member Judy Hakola talking to WABI-TV about the wonders of Senior College:

Friday, February 12, 2021

Something(s) to look forward to

It's a while until spring courses begin the week of March 22. But never fear: two dynamic presentations are on the horizon!

  • First comes an exploration of that gem in Bradley, the Maine Forest and Logging Museum (sometimes known as Leonard's Mills). There's lots of fascinating stuff, including the working water-powered sawmill, the famous Lombard log hauler, and more. Herb Crosby, our presenter, has been involved with the project from the beginning. He taught Mechanical Engineering Technology at UMaine.
  • Then comes "Native American Studies 101," which will include a discussion of Native demographics and regional similarities/differences, with a focus on the local tribes. It will also cover perceptions of Native people in media and popular culture. Presenter Lisa Neuman teaches anthropology and Native American Studies at UMaine.
Members can sign up now on our website, at

Not a member? Now's the time to join! Use the same link to get signed up, or call Sheila Krautkremer at 659-1359.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Slogging through January

So: we have vaccines on the horizon, if not actually here; a new administration in Washington; some warmish January days; the days getting ever-so-slowly lighter. And spring courses in the works. Let's whistle a happy tune and call the winter half over!

Our February ukulele course is on the horizon (and we finally learned to spell "ukulele"). And come March, it will be time to register for our spring semester! We've already confirmed two:

  • Sol Goldman's perennial favorite, on the 2021 Supreme Court cases, and
  • Kal Elmore teaching water color painting
Rabbi Darah Lerner is on deck; stay tuned for her exact topic. More courses are coming; your trusty Curriculum Committee is hard at work, as always. Everything will be on Zoom, but then, that's the way we live now, isn't it? 

Stay warm and safe. It won't be that long until we'll see one another's faces in class

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Lots of goodies coming up!

The holidays are pretty much over, unless you're celebrating Epiphany or another winter holiday. So what now?

Easy. Now, assuming you're a PVSC member, you make sure you're registered for the One-Day Events coming right up. The first is next week!

January 5: Climate Change and Assuring our State Plans Put Equity at the Forefront

January 12: How Observing Weather from Your Backyard can Enhance Health, Save Nature and the Planet, Reduce Anxiety, and Promote World Peace

January 19: History of Bangor’s Water System

January 26: Bioethical Issues Arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Registration is required, just to get a link. All are free for members. And if you're not a member? Sign up now on our website!