Thursday, March 25, 2021

Zooming along

Picture this: you're trying to log into Zoom for your class, and it keeps telling you something about your calendar. You text your instructor. Five minutes later, like magic, you have a new link and you're logged in and happily chatting with your classmates. 

Behind the scenes is PVSC's unflappable Zoom guru, Administrative Assistant Sheila Krautkremer. In this case, she was in her car by the side of the road somewhere, first fielding a panicky phone call from the instructor, then somehow managing to call up the class list and correct link on her phone so she could send a quick email to the 20 people in the class.

As they say, Zoom is great except when it isn't. It takes a Sheila to train the instructors, offer tutorials to students, and, perhaps most importantly and most difficult, solve the problems on the fly. And there are problems. An instructor's video has no sound; a student's audio is blaring; someone can't log on; lots of someones can't find a particular Zoom controls on their device. More than once, Sheila has been on two phones and her computer, fielding student questions. 

We'd rather be holding classes in person. But until we can, Zoom keeps us learning. And Sheila keeps us Zooming. So thankful to have her with us!